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Whistler is the Café Barista of The Tower. Briefly introduced by Joe Regular in the Boardroom on Floor 1. Later he is found in The Watercooler Cafe on Floor 2 working as the cafe Barista.


Whistler is a tall black skeleton with a red dripping ribcage and a equine skull. Several spikes run down his legs with one on the back of his neck. His jaw reaches to the back of his skull with a small cut coming down from under his eye. He wears a black fedora.


Whistler is shown though out the floors, to be the 'muscle' of Joe Regular. This is seen though out when Joe calls for him or when Lore needs some 'motivation'. He is seen to have a reckless attitude, such as when he destroyed the Elevator button, although a more independent side is seen when talking to him in The Watercooler Cafe. It is found that he cares deeply for Joe, aiding the fact that they both are strong friends even from his violent nature. He also shows more awareness than the others in The Tower.

Data Bank Description

Whistler console object
Designation: Whistler
Role: Café Barista
Term: Lifetime

Description: An obedient and powerful worker created for physical security and menial labor. This iteration possesses singularly impressive intelligence and understanding of The Tower. Monitor actions at all times. Dissect and analyze during next cycle.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless
1 Equine Skull