The Vapor Cave is a secret area located in Animus. This secret room is only accessible if the player's clock reaches 20:08. When this happens, a bridge of lily pads will appear, allowing the player to walk to the other side of the lake. Once there, the player can step into the mushroom ring to enter. Exiting the Vapor Cave can be accomplished by stepping into the sunset on the back wall.


Main Area

Vaporcave map part

The room contains pink & purple tiles with the rest of the room being covered in water, also as previously mentioned there is a sunset located on the back wall. Several cassette tapes are scattered around the room, some are located on tiles and others are floating in the water. Towards the sides of the top half of the room there are 2 pillars and palm trees, they are dark blue in color with bright blue outlines.


Interactive Items

Interaction Maps

AestheticMirandaVapor cave im full
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  • Yellow: Interactive Objects
  • Green: Obtainable Objects
  • Blue: Exits / Doors
  • Orange: Interactive NPC


  • The favorite number of Miranda's creator is 8, hence the requirements for reaching the Vapor Cave.
  • The title and theme of the cave are based on a genre of music/art, "Vaporwave", which gained popularity in the early 2010s.