That Guy is That Guy of The Tower. Located in The Pool on Floor 2, he can be found lounging on a pool chair.


That Guy is a black serpent like creature with spikes running down the entirety of his body. He has an underbite with small slanted teeth lining his dripping jaw. His eyes looks opposite to where he is facing and he wears a black fedora.


That Guy is quite fond of any gossip and rumors involving The Tower. While hated by everyone there he acts completely care free, even if his only purpose is for stability.

Data Bank Description

That Guy console object
Designation: That Guy
Role: That Guy
Term: Lifetime

Description: In every corporate environment, there is always That Guy. Previous iterations of The Tower resulted in collapse due to his absence. That Guy is necessary for session stability despite universal hatred for it.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Nosey Faceless
1 Fish In A Microwave


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