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Socks are Collectible items found throughout Heartbound's main storyline. The Socks, which can be found in most locations in the game, are always accompanied by flavor text describing the condition or location in which you found the sock, with such examples as "You found a sock reading a book. Smart!". Nearly all of the text follows this pattern of a short quip followed by an adjective or noun complementing the situation. The presence of the socks stems from the developer, Thor, and his childhood experiences of leaving dirty socks in unexpected places. As the socks are collected, they appear in the Saveroom in a small pile either at the footboard of the bed, or in the corner by the window (depending on the version of the game you choose to play.) The total number of socks in the game is []. Below you'll find a list of all Socks in the game as well as where to find them.


Location Flavor Text
Lore's House (Living Room) You found a smelly sock. Gross!
Lore's House (Outside) You found a wet sock. Slimey!
The Spine You found a sock reading a book. Smart!
Trial Between Worlds (Second Puzzle) You found a levitating sock. Space!
Dark World (Maze) You found a shadowy sock. Sneaky!
Tower Break Room 103 A sock note is pinned to the board. How informative!
Tower F1 (3A) You found a hard working sock! Business!
Tower F0 You found an engineers sock! Trustworthy!
Gym You found a sweaty gym sock. Exercise!