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Shelly Mossback is a kind and caring Tortoise that walks the streets of Animus delivering food from Mossback Farms to the other villagers. In stark contrast to her husband, Shelly believes deeply in following Mania and strives to do something new and exciting each day. She loves her son Ramul and wants him to follow his dreams and be whatever he wants to be.


Shelly Mossback is a very old light green snapping turtle. She seems to have poor vision, as she wears glasses that rest on the top half of her snout. The bottom half of her snout is a light green-almost white or gray color. Shelly also has some darker green spots on her. One of the most noticeable spots is on the end of her muzzle.

Shelly also wears a pink cap that has designs of white flowers on it. She also has a plain pink cape that is neatly tied right below her neck.