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Ramul is a quick-witted and quick-footed rabbit who serves as the mailman in Animus. If you ever need a message delivered before you finish writing it, Ramul is the guy you need to see. His adoptive mother and father are Shelly and Sheldon Mossback.[1] Sheldon dislikes Ramul's line of work and wishes that Ramul would slow down and do "real work" on the family farm. Ramul and Remé have been dating for a while but try to keep it low-key.


Ramul is a light gray rabbit with patches of lighter gray surrounding around his eyes, ears, muzzle, underbelly, and tail. He has brown eyes, a light pink nose, and elongated front teeth, typical of a rabbit. Ramul wears brown steampunk goggles with a golden rim, a yellow bandana, and a plain maroon t-shirt.




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