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The primal aspect of order, life, and sadness. Misery keeps order in the world and ensures the elderly pass on before Mania takes hold of them. When someone is lost to sickness, age, or accident, Misery takes their body to the void beyond and replaces it with a small sapling. The villagers believe that taking care of these trees honors their ancestors and keeps them happy in the afterlife.


Misery appears with pale blue-green colored skin. His[1] underbelly, starting under his mouth, is even paler. His gills, however, are a darker green-blue color. Misery's sclera are a pale green instead of the normal white color, and his iris is a light green-blue color.

Misery also appears to have all sorts of flowers and leaves. There is one large leaf on the top of his head that covers a portion of his face. The leaf is also accompanied by a pink jungle flower. On his neck, another ring of leaves and flowers are placed. The flowers seem to have no consistent pattern, and are a combination of different types of flowers.



  • Alongside Mania, Thor has stated that Misery is his favorite character.
  • Misery and Mania are twins.[2]