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The primal aspect of chaos, death, and madness. Mania can be found all around us in every terrible accident or lapse of judgement. She is the storm in sky threatening to overtake everything in an instant. The villagers believe that Mania must be sated with the chaos of new ideas and changing of old ways to avoid total destruction.


Mania has mostly light green skin. The one exception of this are the gills that are present under her ears and around her neck.

Mania appears to be wearing the skull of an animal. The skull also has two bones that are tied to it and hanging off of it. The skull covers half of her[1] face, With the exception of her orange and black eye, and the lower half of her jaw. The skull also has two large bull-like horns coming out from the top sides of it.

There are two bone-like bands that wrap around her entire neck. Right below the lowest band, there is a small, tight necklace of bones.



  • Along with Misery, Mania is Thor's favorite character.
  • If he lived in Animus, Thor has said he'd follow Misery rather then Mania.[citation needed]
  • Misery and Mania are twins.[2]