Lore's house is a small, two-story wooden house in a forest. It seems to be the only structure in the area and has nothing around it besides The Forest. Additionally, a few trees around Lore's house seem to be cut down.



  1. Lore's Room
  2. Hallway
  3. Living Room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Outside
  6. The Forest

Lore's Room

This section refers to the room physically present in Lore's House. You may be looking for the room which you return to after saving the game, Bedhead.

A fairly ordinary bedroom with wooden furniture and multiple drips from a leaky roof. The game begins here, and the player is warped back here when choosing to rest after saving in a Ledger, or when loading a saved game.

The room also serves as an indication of the player's progress in the game. As the player progresses through the story and makes key choices, items related to those choices will appear on display around the room. Check Lore's Room (Save Room) for more information on that topic.

Dresser - Gives: Sweat ShirtBaronBedLight SwitchWindowDoor - Leads to: HallwayLore's House im Lore's Room full


The one hallway in Lore’s house, loosely decorated with various paintings and a dead plant. Raindrops can be seen dripping from the rooftop. Lore’s and his dad’s rooms are present in this hallway.

Door - Leads to: Lore's RoomDried PlantPaintingLight SwitchFather's RoomStairs - Leads to: Living RoomLore's House im hallway full

Living Room

The living room of Lore’s house. It is littered with socks and opened liquid cans.

ShelfLight SwitchStairs - Leads to: HallwayDoor - Leads to: OutsideWindowWindowCouchLight SwitchBox of DrinksTVDoorway - Leads to: KitchenSockLore's House im living room


The kitchen of Lore's house is really filthy, with stains everywhere. On the right you have the trash bin, to the north are the fridge microwave and sink, which is full of socks and to the left are the toaster. In the middle-right of the room is Baron's bowl, where Baron will sit right next to it when feeding him on the first day.

StoveToasterSinkMicrowaveBowlBaronViking Feast Dog FoodGarbageDoorway - Leads to: Living RoomFridgeLore's House im kitchen full


On the outside of Lore's house is a small grass field surrounded by forest. Down from the house are the trashcan and the axe.

Trash CanAxeDoor - Leads to: Living RoomLore's House im outside full

The Forest

The surrounding forest consists of 3 rooms. On the first room, there is a pathway with many stumps and a Ledger set before a log you can walk through. On the second room, there is a simple log puzzle and in the final room the player faces the very first enemy of the game, Barghest.


  • The very first pathway to the south leads to Outside

Interactive Objects

  • Ledger