Lore's father is described to be mostly absent in Lore's life. He seems to be somewhat rude to Lore, and is described to be in a bad mood most of the time.


Lore's father wears square-shaped glasses and a button-up shirt. He also appears to have a full beard.

While in the tower Lore's father appearance changes. His gray shirt becomes red with a white tie and his lower half is visible showing black pants with a gray belt. In addition, his glasses lenses change to red and black with a white diagonal stripe dividing them.

Data Bank Description

Lore's Dad console object
Designation: The Boss A Useless Worker
Role: Executive Meaningless
Term: Lifetime Minimal

Description: The executive administrator of The Tower. Cannot be repurposed for materials. A waste of resources. Repurpose during next cycle.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless 1 Actual Garbage
1 Memory of Family



  • His text box is the first to "glitch" in the game.
  • His room's outside window is illuminated with a dark purple light when on the Darksider Path.