Lore is the main protagonist of Heartbound. He is a troubled young man who routinely fights off internal turmoil and negative thoughts. His outlook can alter how he perceives both communication from others and the physical world around him. Together with his faithful companion, Baron, Lore manages to make it through each day. Lore has an incredibly bad habit of never cleaning up his socks and they can be found nearly everywhere.


Lore has brown hair and what appear to be black eyes. He first appears wearing pajamas, which have blue and white stripes on them. He also seems to be wearing slippers with socks. Interacting with the drawer in his room makes him wear his favorite green sweater, which gives him more health in combat.

Upon Entering Floor 2 of The Tower, Lore is given a red deerstalker hat by Joe Regular.


Lore seems to have a rather sarcastic and negative personality, which tends to only be brightened by the presence (or even just the mere thought of) Baron. He is very determined, however, when the situation calls for it.



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Hat with Sweater

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Hat with Pajamas

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  • Lore's right sock is higher than his left.
  • Lore's appearance is based on Thor's appearance when he was much younger.[1]
  • Lore's name is an anagram for "role", as a reference to role-playing games.
    • Lore's name has an additional hidden meaning, but Thor refuses to reveal it.[2]
  • You can play the entire game in only Lore's pajamas if you refuse to put on the Sweater, but this decreases your health.
  • Lore is left handed.


  1. Lore is modeled after me when I was a teenager. I had the same green hoodie, short hair, and over-it demeanor. Lore is just my self-insert into my own game. - Twitter
  2. For everyone asking why we named our main character Lore. It's an anagram and I'm not sorry for the terrible pun beneath the surface. - Twitter