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Joe Regular is the Executive Assistant of The Tower. Briefly in the Boardroom on Floor 1 waiting for Lore´s arrival to ask for a favor. Later he can be found in The Pool on Floor 2 lounging on a pool chair.

Joe acts as a guide to Lore by sending him around The Tower to complete menial task.


Joe Regular is humanoid in appearance and has two spikes on the outside of each leg. His bottom jaw rounds up in a curve while the top raises slitly. While his jaw reaches to the back of his head showing off the teeth along its sides. He wears a black fedora and even when laying down his arms remain folded. His eyes constantly dart back and forth but, are later covered by sunglasses which Lore retrieves for him.


Joe requests favors from others because he can´t interact with the world to do things himself. He is very layed back most of the time, except when he has to call in his buddy Whistler to deal with a problem for him. Its unknown how many cycles Joe has been at The Tower however, its presumed to be a lot due to his knowledge and how much he cares about the place.

Data Bank Description

Joe Regular console object
Designation: Joe Regular
Role: Executive Assistant
Term: Unknown

Description: An extremely dangerous entity. Replicates at will but cannot interact with the environment directly. Uses manipulation to forward unknown goals. Purge attempts unsuccessful. Role assigned to Executive Assistant to reduce entropy in other workers.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Errant Bit