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Inky is the Mail Sorter of The Tower. Briefly in the Mailshroom on Floor 1 giving Lore instructions for his job before leaving. Later they are found in the Supply Room on Floor 0 planning their escape.


Inky is a tall black mushroom with a red undercap. They have a single eye thats mostly hidden underneath their tall cap. Countless droplets flow from the top of their cap down their stem before collecting at their base. They have two rounded arms that end just after the large bump in their stem does.


Inky is a good disciplined worker and maintains a good standard of work. Yet out of the sight of OScar, Inky becomes nervous and delusional from his surroundings shown from the escape plans found in the Supply Room of Floor 0. Possibly Inky has lived many cycles or due to the fact he has worked in and around Floor 0 which may of started these attributes.

Data Bank Description

Inky console object
Designation: Inky None
Role: Mail Sorter
Term: Lifetime

Description: A nervous and obedient worker created to sort mail within The Tower. Mail materials are repurposed upon completion of sorting. Faceless are allowed to send one letter per cycle to improve morale. Subject is exhibiting potential to defect. Monitor and re-purpose as necessary. Position repurposed. Mail sorting is now automated.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless None
1 Letter Home