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A deer possessing a singularly dominant personality. Fern appears to care nothing for the opinions of others and is very confident in herself. This confidence, however, is just a mask she uses to hide her immense self-doubt and worry. Most of her days are spent with Avocado reading hundreds of books aloud for the mole to transcribe. Because of her internal turmoil, Fern is entirely unaware of Rhode's interest.


Fern appears to be mostly light brown and white. Her muzzle and underbelly are white while her nose and the rest of her is brown.

There are a few spots on her face that are a light brown. There are also a few of these spots on her neck. The insides of her ears are pink and have tufts of white fur in them, while the outsides of her ears are also white.

The flowers on her neck and head are orange and yellow in an alternating pattern. This applies to both the strings of flowers on her neck and head.

Fern has light brown eyes, the top of which are more prominent than the bottom.