The Dark World is a dark, purple area with seemingly alive tentacles poking out of the ground. The field of view in the Dark World is very small, which can be attributed to the darkness of the area. The only light sources are from the Light Bulbs, which hang above plot-important items such as the Stump and Baron's bowl, and from a small circular area around Lore himself.

The Artifact seems to have some kind of control over The Dark World, as it uses these items to accuse and torment Lore throughout the journey. The first time the player enters this world is via an altered version of Lore's Room, after picking up The Artifact at Trial Between Worlds. Upon exiting Lore’s Room, the sound of a light bulb breaking can be heard and Lore ends up in the Dark World.



  1. First Room
  2. Second Room
  3. Third Room

First Room

This first section is a maze with different pages scattered on the floor and different objects to interact with, such as a sock and items which are bits of Lore's home; Baron's bowl, the tree stump, and Baron's collar.


  • Door: Leads to the Second Room. The door is only available after interacting with the tree stump, the food bowl and the broken collar.

Interactive Objects

  • Broken Collar
  • Food Bowl
  • Pages
  • Sock
  • Tree Stump: The player can recieve the Axe if they don't have it already.

Second Room

After you enter a door from the first room, you will be in the second room. This is also the place where you can find a Ledger, save, "try to wake up", and enter the third room.


Interactive Objects

Third Room

The third room is where you fight Barghest for the second time. Upon defeating Barghest the player gets to choose a portal which leads to different acts.

Interaction Map

Yellow: Interactive Objects
Green: Obtainable Objects
Blue: Exits


  • Darkworld is known as "False Path" in the game files.