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One of the most down-to-earth possums around, Cirsi serves as the village alchemist. Her tinctures and tonics help the crops grow and bring others back from the brink in times of sickness. She describes the villagers as "a bunch of downright animals" and is never afraid to say how she really feels about things even if it's not the most popular opinion. She spends much of her day creating new alchemical tinctures and taking care of her sister Carli.


Cirsi is mostly muted brown, white, and gray. Her muzzle is mostly white, with muted gray under her eyes, which are brown. Compared to her sister Carli, her teeth are more noticeable. There is much more fur around Cirsi's neck than there is around Carli's. On the tip of one of Cirsi's ears, there seems to be a bit of skin that has been ripped out. On the other ear, an earring is present. Cirsi also has a piece of cloth wrapped around her forehead.