This is where Cirsi Thistle lives and is the first location that the player visits after entering Animus.



  1. The House
  2. The Yard
  3. The Store

The House

Cirsi's house is filled with herbs and strange plants.


  • Door at the bottom: Leads to The Yard.

Interactive Objects

  • Bed
  • Dining Table
  • Large Painting
  • Locked Chest
  • Locked Door
  • Plant
  • Small Painting
  • Strange Brew

The Yard

The yard is where Cirsi grows her plants.


Interactive Objects

  • Plant Signs
  • Sapling
  • Store Sign

The Store

The purpose of the store is currently unknown and it can only be accessed by modifying the save file of the game.

Interaction Maps

Yellow: Interactive Objects
Green: Obtainable Objects
Blue: Exits
Text Bubble: Interactive Character