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Chomper is the Aggressive Manager of The Tower. Located in the Gym on Floor 2, he can be found working out alongside his buddy Trapper.


Chomper is a black toad, slitly spiky and often has his arms folded. He wears a black fedora with a red bowtie and has 2 smalls tuffs of hair. His mouth is always open, showing off its white interior while a red droplet hangs from the side. His eyes are always squinted and looking opposite to where he is facing.


Chomper by design is aggressive but encouraging, giving directed feedback on areas in need of improvement. His best friend and workout buddy is Trapper, who he jokes around and starts friendly treadmill competitions with.

Data Bank Description

Chomper console object
Designation: Chomper
Role: Aggressive Manager
Term: Lifetime

Description: A middle manager designed to inspire other workers through pointed and direct feedback. Current iteration spends its time with Designation Trapper in an endless feedback loop. Split subjects during next cycle. Repurpose materials if issue persists.

Manufacturing Requirements:

1 Faceless
1 Toad