Binder is a mysterious old man who lives deep in the forest. He possesses an immense strength of will and is incredibly stubborn. His home serves as a makeshift library with tomes littering the walls and floor haphazardly. Binder knows a lot more than he lets on but he prefers to allow others the pleasure of discovering things for themselves. Binder has an intense addiction to apples but will not admit this fact to anyone. He also has the ability to speak in Guardian Glyphs.

The player can find binder as a different guardian animal for each world. In Animus, he appears as an owl; in The Tower, he is a vulture, and he manifests as a penguin for Muspelheim and Niflheim.


Binder has pale skin and sports a fluffy checkered jacket. He doesn't seem to have much hair, but he has massive eyebrows that appear bigger than his eyes. He also has wrinkles on his face, suggesting that he is most likely quite old.


Vulture Form

Binder in his vulture form, can be found by drinking from the sink located in the Janitor's Closet. If you do drink from the sink, you will find yourself in the void with him. Here he will ask you if you have the The Artifact.


In his Vulture form, Binder features the simple colour pallet found in The Tower, with a pure black body outlined in red. As for his eyes, they are completely white. Even in this form, Binders still has his key features showing such as his wings acting like his coat.

Data Bank Description

Binder console object
Destination: Unknown
Role: Janitor
Term: Unknown

Description: An intruder existing within a pocket dimension of the Tower. Monitor and extract infomation. Role assigned to Janitor to reduce entropy in other workers.

Manufacturing Requirements: