Baron is Lore's dog, guardian, and best friend. He overflows with happy-go-lucky positivity in every situation and always knows just what to do. This helps to balance out Lore's innate negativity and unease. Baron has an intense fear of isolation and cannot function without Lore nearby. Because of their reliance on one another, the duo is essentially inseparable.


Baron is a mostly light brown German Sheperd with some dark brown patches on his fur, and a black nose. He has two light brown eyebrow-like marks above his eyes and wears a red collar. His darker markings and eyebrows are modeled after a Rottweiler's. He appears to be fluffy and doesn't seem to have any tags on his collar. 


Baron has a happy and optimistic personality. He always tries to be encouraging in order to help Lore cope with his sadness and negativity. Baron proves to be quite loyal and friendly, and always attempts to be by Lore's side.



  • Baron's appearance is based on Shaye's (the artist of Heartbound) last dog who died.