This page contains spoilers about the Heartbound ARG. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, avoid reading this article.
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This puzzle is also in the source. We have two separate puzzles to solve...

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<!-- He owns these mistakes... -->
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    <!-- HearMe.Thor -->


This puzzle starts with a Google search, which leads directly to @PirateSoftware on Twitter. From there you can get the image via Imgur.

The important part of this image is a few pixels, barely visible, on Baron's nose.

On The Nose

Baronsnose arg

This one is exotic. The search leads to many places, the most promising result was Braille, in particular the Night-Writing system developed by Charles Barbier. However, neither of these is suitable here. Not only are they the wrong size, but also, most Braille figures have spaces above dots, and the Barbier system will frequently have a longer right-column than the left. Also, the Barbier system is always two dots wide.

With the restrictions given above, there are at most 10 states seen, from a column of zero dots to a column of nine dots. We can easily extrapolate to ten dots, but That's not nearly enough for a full alphabet. So we have to combine characters. Consider pairs of columns, divided like so:

Boxednose arg

Now, count the dots in each column: 23 09 12 12. Using Rumkin you can find out that it says "WILL".

Finding HearMe.Thor

This half of puzzle involves finding and decoding a file, called HearMe.Thor. From the name, we guess that it's a sound file. It's in the same place as all the other sounds on the site HearMe.Thor

Understanding HearMe.Thor

When examining HearMe.Thor, it turns out to be a .WAV file. Playing produces a bunch of really strange sounds, so we turn to Audacity, the universal tool for extracting solutions from ARG audio puzzles.

It still doesn't look like much, but appearances can be deceiving. Render it in Spectrogram mode and change the Spectrogram Settings to Logarithmic:

Putting It All Together

Combine the two answers to get "BothWill", add that to the end of the URL, and you'll get to You Will Help Me First page.